About Us

CHMS is the leading manufacturer of Dental Instruments in Italy.

Our products are being used by Dental care professionals in all over the world.

CHMS has an exclusive reach within the Dental products manufacturing industry to deliver its customers with exactly what they required, whether it is a minor adjustment to the design of an instrument or personalized hospital or Clinic labeling on instruments.

CHMS commits to deliver professional quality instruments to its customers along with top of the line customer service.

It is with our extensive range in products and our ability to manufacture precise customized Dental Instruments is the number one choice for doctors all over the world.

We try every day to improve in our operations so that our customers can get the best experience by using only the best raw material and top of the industry manufacturing processes.

CHMS is able to come up with premium quality with target to provide whole product range and the needs of the future we create bespoke instruments that can be offered throughout the world.