Delivery Information


All orders received through CHMS website are processed and if the stock is available then dispatched within 4 working days after receiving the order. If the products are out of stock you’re your ordered products will have to go through a production process, and the production period may vary according to number of products and quantity, which may be 1-4 weeks.


All orders will be dispatched to you by DHL. Only RUSSIA, BRAZIL and ARGENTINA and countries where DHL do not deliver Surgical Instruments to Individuals will get parcel by EMS Postal Service. All other clients will receive products safely by DHL at your doorstep without tax or custom charges.

DHL Delivery charges are automatically added in your invoice when you checkout.


For all your orders simply retrieve your tracking number from your account and then visit DHL website and track the order using their functionality. You can also demand you’re tracking number by contacting us at